Fundashon Pro Monumento (ProMo) organized a Monumento Habrí, an open monument day, for the first time in 5 years. Last Sunday, December 4th, a lot of people gathered in Otrobanda for the Monumento Habri Event organized by Pro Monumento. Monumento Habri is a returning event. The last event was organized 5 years ago. It was a pleasant bustle within the alleys that run through Otrobanda Rif Area. More than 30 buildings had open doors and were freely accessible.

The open day was extra festive this year, because the 25th anniversary of Willemstad as a World Heritage City is also being celebrated. Part of this event were art exhibitions, music and educational activities for children. This is the twelfth edition of Monumento Habrí that ProMo has been organizing since its foundation in 1993. This edition of the event was all about Willemstad's 25th anniversary as a World Heritage City.