Scharloo Abou and adjoined neighborhood Fleur de Marie are special paces to live. There are families who have owned property there for centuries and new comers that are attracted to living in the city. The last years a lot of old houses have been restored to house new families and young singles.


The district is of contrasts, in Scharloo Abou the running businesses and in Fleur de Mari a neigborhood of which the majority is of lower class income, comes with it's own set of challenges. The foundation Unidad di Bario was doing great work for the neighborhood.


Fleur de Mari is a separate neighborhood within the greater district of Scharloo Abou. It has a real local feel and is full of character. The lovely colorful little houses and whining streets that lead up the hill give it a cozy feel. Especially after work hours these streets come alive, the people like hanging out with their neighbors at the snek bar, under the tree or in the park. Most of the long time inhabitants are locals, whom have been born or raised here. While New-comers are often immigrants from mostly latin descent. A recent positive development is that the new generation is also rediscovering Fleur de Mari & Scharloo Abou as a potential suburban living space. The mix makes it a special place!


In Scharloo Abou you can also find a concept that has been in development on the island; that of shared office space. It's a so called "office garden with a community feel" where you can rent a desk by the day, week, month, either part-time or full-time. In between hard work, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and interact with like-minded people. This space is ideal for small businesses with small teams, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups or digital nomads. It's called WorkSpot and it is situated in a colonial building in the Bitterstraat. The people that work there describe it as a "fine place, in an inspirational area, where you can focus and get work done". You should experience it for yourself, drop by the office to have a look or try it out!

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