a historic district
local street art
an event location
where people enjoy art
activities & expression
a lively community

Street Art

Get the WOW-feeling when you see the huge art pieces gracing the walls between the monuments. In 2016 Street Art Skalo started to bring art to the streets of Scharloo Abou, shining a new light on this district!


The wharfs in the Anna Bay were of great importance for all the activity around the islands trade business, which formed a economic pillar at that time. Tall ships and schooners came from all around the globe.


There is a lot going on in this little district; from events related to community, from business to living and from challenges to opportunities. The potential to grow into the creative district of Curaçao is seen as a viable option.

Fresh and local products are the key ingredients in the signature bagel sandwiches Beyglz serves.

Bitterstraat 17, Scharloo Abou
tel: 5999 788-0040