Tirzah Libert published a book called "A Vision for Swaen Village". She is a champion for the renewal of the Swaen neighborhood on the Scharlooweg. This neighborhood is deteriorating and there is a lot of poverty among the residents. The infrastructure also leaves much to be desired. Despite many concessions from the government, little or nothing has been done to improve the neighbourhood.

She grew up in this neighborhood herself. After living in the Netherlands for a number of years, she returned with the idea of ​​breathing new life into the neighbourhood. She founded a foundation with fellow residents called "Fundashon Swaen I Bisendario" of which she is chairman. Years ago, the government bought up the sites in Swaen to build public housing. This plan was never carried out. About 100 people live in the area. Various presentations were given to the government in order to arrive at a new plan for the development of the neighbourhood. The plan is integral and includes more than infrastructure and housing. She also wants to provide employment and social education for people in the neighbourhood.

The book presentation will take place on 11 November 2022 in Flor di Bario in Fleur de Marie between 5:30 and 6:30. For more information please email tirzahlibert@gmail.com. Her personal website is tirzahlibert.com.