Monumentenzorg and Stadsherstel Curaçao have taken a lead position in pushing district Scharloo Abou as an attractive place to invest. In the past their approach focused mainly on restoring and maintaining the old villas to rent as office spaces. This was a success and the area started blooming. Though with an eye on the future they realized that they should slightly adapt their approach to be able to comply with new trends and developments as well as the special character of this specific district. Now the focus is on a more diverse mix and functionality. Besides office spaces, they also focus on offering more and affordable living spaces and attracting more small businesses and hospitality.

As Marcel Dennert, director of Monumentenzorg explains “We also focus on the creative and technological sector with focus on digital nomads who work from their laptop. On one side they are looking for a nice and relaxed work environment with all the conveniences like a good cup of coffee, airconditioning, printing and very important a good internet connection. On the other side they look for either an affordable or comfortable accommodation in the neighborhood. What they also find important is the experience, the connection with our community, the inspiring environment, the taste of local Curaçao. Scharloo Abou can supply all of the above.”



Digital Platform Skalo Abou

This website and affiliated Social Media channels have been created to better communicate all information surrounding the developments in Scharloo Abou. Because there is a lot going on in this little district; from events related to community related, from business to living and from challenges to opportunities. Through this central online community platform opportunities and developments can be better put into perspective. We also see it as a innovative way to channel the overall vision of involved organizations and key figure to the public. And to keep you up to date on upcoming activities and events. Read more about this project on our initiatives page.


Integral Development Plan Anna Bay

From an overall Anna Bay development vision CPA has created a plan with the objective to modernize living, transport and leisure in center of Willemstad. Its objective is to design, invest, build, develop and operate the commercial development of the Waaigat Project Area and surrounding Wharfs. This plan will affect the neighborhoods Scharloo, Pietermaai and Punda. The plans include a large apartment complex in de kleine werf and a marina in the Waaigat. On the website of CPA and in the brochure you can download here you can find additional information about the project. Visit >



Events location

Scharloo Abou has the potential of becoming an established events location. The park, the squares and the large wharf can be used for different kind of events. Looking for a intimate setting or one to accommodate a massive crowd? It is all possible. Scharloo Abou also offers a few unique advantages, such as its central location, the close proximity to Waaigat parking and access from land and water.

Villa Maria, a local grand villa with its large shaded terrace, is already a dedicated location for medium sized events and festivities in Curaçao. The inside offers a luxurious setting for a seminar, an exposition or a conference. Its outside surroundings offer a terrace protected from the rain or harsh sun. An enclosed area, private parking, bars and toilets; all facilities to make your event a success are at hand.

There are also already different initiatives that periodically choose to organize events in this district. A few head turners are: Hello Skalo, which organizes different events in Parke Leyba, like the returning Foodies Fest, an annual Christmas Fair, Kingsday Market and Back To School Drive to name a few. Street Art Skalo is another great example, which has initiated different art events and gatherings open to public. Visitors could see artwork develop and could connect with the artists and other art-loving people in an intimate setting while the streets of Scharloo Abou get beautified. Pasionistas, a popular local art & crafts market on the move, has also chosen Scharloo Abou once as their event location.

Its many monumental facades, distinct historical corners, secluded inside squares, industrial warehouses and parking spaces, make it a perfect place for any event ranging from big concerts to small ceremonies. Are you interested in hosting an event in Scharloo Abou? We would gladly put you into contact with the department that can take you through the different options available.