Street Art Skalo curated artists to make head turning art pieces to redecorate the streets of Scharloo Abou. This positive initiative envisions a growing outdoor museum in Curacao; showing artistic talent of mostly local artists, a place that inspires creativity and brings people together through art.

Bringing art to the street, together with other efforts, is already showing its positive spin-offs! The stigma of being unsafe is disappearing fast and people feel welcome in the hood. A few first food joints, new businesses & community events are adding up to this improved livelihood. Many more tourists come this way to explore this upcoming neighborhood in Curaçao. The guided walks doubled their attendees and have become very popular. Some accommodations in the vicinity say they have even tripled their bookings. Locals are also rediscovering the “barrio” and now see the neighborhood from a different angle. It is now being seen a viable business, living and leisure location, all mixed into one!

Street art is taking over the streets worldwide, from Miami, Berlin and Medellin to far far beyond. Its transforming effects are undeniable. Imagine what else art can do for Scharloo Abou and Curacao! Besides direct beautification, it has a far wider reach and we are not only talking about international media reach. Eventually it can change the districts outlook, indirectly it can improve the living quality in a neighborhood and it can even have a positive effect on economic growth.

But let’s put all that aside for now as they are mere positive additions. Because the main focus of Street Art Skalo is MORE street art in Skalo! Street Art Skalo is an initiative undertaken by a group of creatives working in the area, who all earn a living with their creativity. They believe that art is business and that the creative sector on the island should be taken more seriously. The creative industry is an important one, but one that is often underestimated. That is the core reason why the organization believes that artists should be compensated for his or her work. Many street art organizations worldwide have a different point of view on this topic and do not pay artists for their work, but through it all Street Art Skalo decided to stick to its plan. Of course if an artist, individual or organization wishes to donate an art piece in support the movement, then Street Art Skalo is open to the conversation to see if the idea or art piece fits within the bigger scope.

Up until now there are 6 art pieces on display; 4 mural art pieces and 1 art installation made by local artists. There is also the “Expression Session” wall, where new talent, youngsters or anybody who wanted to practice can sign up to make art under the guidance of a street artist. And lastly there is also 1 stencil art piece that has been donated by an international artist, because he admired and supported this new initiative.

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