Digital Platform Scharloo Abou

Various developments are taking place within Scharloo Abou. This plan includes an initiative to map the activities and companies within Scharloo Abou and to give more publicity through the design of a Facebook page and a website. New initiatives and events can therefore be better communicated via this platform.

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Hello Skalo

Ana Freitas Frias has a shop selling locally produces natural soaps situated in Parke Leyba called Integra Natural. She organizes different events under the name Hello Skalo in the park. They include an Auction Gala, Christmas Village, Youth Conference and a Food fest.

Hello Skalo Food Fest
This event that's organized once or twice a year is at Parke Leyba brings together people and small companies that offer special foods. You can walk trough the park passing stands with local food, international food, vegan food, desserts and much more.

More info following soon!

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Unidad di Bario

Unidad di Bario is a Foundation that governs different community centers on the island. The foundation concentrates on education, youth care, organizing field trips and more community related activities. At the center in Fleur de Marie eatery serving local foods and a masseuse.

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