Local creative duo, brother and sister Sander and Nicole van Beusekom, together form What’s Your Story !? They came up with something creative that fits with their mission to “Inspire creativity, bring people together through art, while beautifying our island!”, something that also fitted with the vision for Parke Leyba in Scharloo Abou! The illustrative design by Blend Creative Imaging (Artist Sander van Beusekom) is a colorful refreshment for the park in Scharloo Abou, where art & play are combined!

In this creative community project there were two 2-day-workshops organized for kids. It brought together kids from the district and kids from outside the district. Together they made something beautiful and functional! All kids of Curacao are invited to come and play in the park! Check out the recap video below to see how this all came about!

We thank the sponsors for their contribution to the enhancement of the park!

Learn more about the Sensory Park project on their website “www.WhatsYourStory.art“.