Recently different students of Instituto Buena Bista worked together to create an interesting work of art inspired by the 10 commandments. The new splash of colors further enlightens the streets of Scharloo Abou and the number of street art pieces keeps on growing. The art students made this mural under the guidance and together with David Bade. He is a respected local artist with international fame and is also one of the founders of IBB. What is great is that you can see different painting styles and different messages of the students, but at the same time you can also see a connection with the overall style of David Bade's artwork which he is famous for back in this mural.

Institute Buena Vista is a center for contemporary art, their goal is to create a platform for art & art education on the island. The preparatory training they offer to young talents enables students to further their studies at international art academies abroad.

It is a positive initiative of the institute and a great practice for art students to get involved in collaborative street art. Drop by in the neighborhood to see for yourself what beautiful sightings can come of it. IBB endorses all initiatives that want to make a difference in how art is perceived by the general public. Together with the foundation FRESA (Fundashon Rebiba Skalo Abou) IBB selected a wall in the neighborhood to be able to carry out this project.

For those who want to see this art piece, it's located at the end of Bitterstraat in front of Workspot, Beyglz and the office of Stadsherstel. This contribution to the development of the Scharloo Abou district, which is growing into a creative district and a popular place to experience art and history, is appreciated!

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