Fundashon Rebiba Skalo Abou organised a neighborhood get-together to celebrate the completion of a unique sport field renovation project in Fleur de Marie with the inhabitants and involved partners! The project entailed fixings of the field, placement of new protective fences and to top things it has been turned into a colorful art piece!

Most important to mention is that the creative part of this community project has been made WITH THE HELP OF THE YOUTH FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD guided by What’s Your Story?. Soon we will share their video with you where you can see how hard the WYS-kids worked to make it as beautiful as it is.

At the celebration the community was thanked for their input and they enjoyed a drink and some “pasapalo’s”. Also the field rules were shared on boards in 3 languages. Stadsherstel and Monumentenzorg whom initiated and partially funded the project through fundashon FRESA invite the inhabitants and the parties involved to celebrate! Partners Active Chance were thanked for helping with funding. Sicon BV for construction, Dijtham for the fences, Sherwin Williams for the special floor paint & coating, FDDK for the lining, ArtView for the signs, CAB Opleidingsfonds, IMD Design. These organizations were all involved one way or another, some either contributed in natura or helped out through discounted fees to support this positive community development in the upcoming creative district of Curaçao.

What’s Your Story? Creative Community Projects was thanked for making the art and getting the youth involved in the creative process from brainstorm to finishing.. with their social concept they bring people together through art, inspire creativity, while beautifying the island. In a brainstorm session at the nearby neighborhood center, the community selected the colors used and were asked to share their ideas. One that came forward most is a feeling that they all wanted “more unity in the neighborhood”. With this information multi-media artist BLEND, one of the 2 founders of What’s Your Story?,  later made the design showing the “human connection” through the hands and feet portrayed in the colorful floor art.  The other founder of W.Y.S is also a video maker, Smart Capture  is now making an inspiring making-off video about this project in Curaçao. Also important is that through a project like this, the youth and other people from the hood feel a greater ownership of the art & sport field in their area and will take better care of it, because it is also their efforts put into it. W.Y.S-duo in their turn thanked the kids for the help in the street art painting process! Want to see more of this process? Check out the W.Y.S Facebook & Instagram

new street art piece by What's Your Story in Scharloo Abou Curacao

Last but not least The Schepel Foundation & coaches were also represent. On this field they have been coordinating weekly sports activities and have been coaching the kids in soccer, volleyball and basketball for a while already! And will continue to do so! 2 youngsters from the hood, have recently also been selected and trained by Favela Street to coach the kids in their own hood. They now also form part of TSF’s coaching team. TSF mentioned that they are also very happy with the upgrade of the field and that they notice how proud the kids are of their involvement in it. TFS is eager to start organizing more sports activities in the hood.. possibly starting with a barrio to barrio soccer competition on Dia di Bandera. So surrounding neighborhoods.. you better get ready for that!

One of the popular things to do in Curacao nowadays is discovering Scharloo Abou! The number of street art pieces keep on growing and together with the monumental heritage, the restaurants and local community Scharloo Abou is well worth a visit! So we invite you to venture into Fleur de Marie to discover this new art piece in Curacao!

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