Colors of Skalo is going to be the name of the new offline magazine, according to founder Ana Freitas. Ana has become very active in the community since she first opened the doors of her shop Integra Natural. Just like many people in the hood, you can’t help to fall in love with Scharloo Abou and start seeing the many more opportunities it offers. Soon after she started the successful Hello Skalo community events and next up is this magazine! With this magazine she wants to catch people's attention offline. For example the tourists at the tourist office center whom are only a short walk away. Or the ones in the lobby of their hotel looking for a next adventure. Her idea is to publish this magazine a few times per year and it also aims to highlight the district of Scharloo Abou.

With all these different mediums at work, showing the beauty and diversity of the district, soon enough nobody can get around Scharloo Abou! Skalo the new & upcoming island hotspot! We are looking forward to the first edition of the magazine and when we hear the news, we will inform you when it’s out!