The local creative duo, brother and sister Sander and Nicole van Beusekom, that together form What’s Your Story !? has come up with something creative that fits in with their mission: “Inspire creativity, bring people together through art, while beautifying our island! ”. The intermediate result is already colorful refreshment for the park in Scharloo Abou, named Parke Leyba. The result promises a nice combination of art &

The idea is to make the 1st “sensory floor art piece” on Curaçao, where the little ones will be around for a very long time be able to play endlessly. This is in line with the wishes of those involved to have more space in the park giving for interactive artworks, where visitors are invited to not only look but also
something to do!

What’s Your Story ?! Creative Community Projects carries out this sub-project in collaboration with Fundashon Rebiba Skalo Abou (FRESA), and Street Art Skalo. The community project for the children is made possible with the support of Active Chance, Representation from the Netherlands, Spigt Dutch Caribbean and the special floor paint is sponsored by Sherwin Williams.

At the beginning of 2019, What’s Your Story ?! already working with Fundashon FRESA with the children from the neighborhood to create a unique art sports field in Fleur de Marie. They then thought that they would like that vulnerable group want to learn more creative skills. By giving them more lessons, involving them more in the beautification from the neighborhood, but also by bringing them together with children from outside the neighborhood, people hope to do more can contribute to a positive development of the neighborhood.

The children could attend the workshops from the neighborhood free of charge and a group of children from outside the neighborhood could take a small fee.

Watch the recap video of part 1 of the project below.