On 19 September there will be a very unique fundraising event at Villa Maria in Scharloo Abou. The fundraising month of Princes Wilhelmina Cancer Foundation and the 15 year anniversary of the Ride for the Roses coincide.

The evening will have a French ambiance, with French wines, French “hors d’oeuvres” and a live jazz band, under the guidance of Ralph Durgaram, will be jazzing up the evening. During the evening the main activity will be focused around an exclusive art auction, with which the organization hopes to raise fl 50.000 in funds for the cancer-cause. Experience auction-duo Lauw & Marro will lead the auction of 15 art pieces, which includes artworks by locally famous artists like Girigorie, Zanolino, van Bergen and more. Extra special in this edition is that also 2 art pieces by international artists Picasso and Joan Miró will be auctioned.

We can’t think of a better place for this special evening, then the in and outside of the beautiful monumental Villa Maria. Located in the creative district of Curaçao, where a growing number of public art works of local artists decorate the streets of this upcoming neighborhood. Also home to the office of the Princes Wilhelmina Fund.

The event is organized by Ride for the Roses, Copex Curaçao and endorsed by Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds. Sponsors of the event are Monumentenzorg, Servir Frais, Securitas, Ixora, Tovari, EWT en Tibbaa.

The all inclusive tickets are ANG 150,- per person. And are available at both Vandentweel supermarkets, Bruna, Mensings, 24 uur uit de muur, Servir Frais, Winebar Joy ( last 2 from sept 1st) and the board members of Ride for the Roses.

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